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Emergency Plan/Precautions

St. John's Lutheran Day Care has made plans for the event of an emergency. Within each classroom is a backpack filled with a well stocked first aid kit. Also carried in the pack is a list of emergency information and contact telephone numbers for each child. Whenever the class leaves the buliding the backpack is taken along. Original information is kept in the office.


Each staff member is assigned responsibility for supervision of specific children both within the classroom and while out of the building. The staff person knows the whereabouts of the children in his or her assigned group. This practice helps eliminate the chance of losing children. Children are counted before leaving the classroom and upon arrival at the destination.


Upon the occurrence of a serious injury, sudden illness or death, an ambulance is immediately summoned. Parents are telephoned immediately after help is requested. The Department of Public Welfare is informed. No information regarding such events will be released to the media.


Evacuation Plans


St. John's Lutheran Day Care Center holds fire drills bi-monthly. Staff and children practice what to do in the event of a fire. Each staff member is assigned a specific task or children to supervise. The location of the pretend fire and time of day the drill is held varies with each practice.


In the event of an actual emergency we move across the street to St. John's United Church of Christ. At that point Nazareth's Emergency Management Team would assume guidance of the actions taken by our facility. The team may decide to evacuate the children and staff to another location. Once we are safely relocated the staff will begin telephoning parents to inform them where children can be picked up. It is important that you stay at work or home so that we can contact you. Also listen to your favorite radio or local TV station just as you would for information during a weather emergency. 


Snow Closing & Bad Weather


Please visit for any delays or closing involving bad weather.  


Safety Surveillance & Security System


Here at St. John's Lutheran Daycare we are equipped with safety surveillance cameras as well as a security system. This security system requires a key fob to enter the day care center. Without this device you will not have access to the day care center without using the call box. 

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To accommodate our parents busy schedules, our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 6:30am to 6:00pm.


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