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Older Toddler Room

Miss. Kristy


Older Toddler Assistant Teacher

Miss. Julia


Older Toddler Assistant Teacher

The Older Toddlers are very active and exploring how their world is put together. They do this through play with blocks, cars, trucks, animals, kitchens, cooking, dress-up, science areas, musical instruments, arts and books. They are learning to share, take turns, listen to others, use good manners, control their own behavior, wash their own hands and use the bathroom by themselves.

The Older Toddler children have circle time daily where they sing songs, do finger plays, do name recognition, learn to say the alphabet, count to 20, recognize and identify basic shapes and colors. They also match objects and learn about seasons and weather and enjoy story time.

Because toddlers are very active, we go outside daily (weather permitting) for playtime as well as having times of active play and dance time inside. 

Older Toddler Room

Daily Schedule

6:30 Arrival/Breakfast/Free Choice (Fine Motor, Books, Dramatic Play, Art, Musical Instruments, Blocks, Nature & Science)

8:30 Indoor Gross Motor Play/Individual Art Activity

(Bikes, Balls, Climbers, Music & Movement)

9:00 Table Activity/Individual Art Activity/Diaper Check/Potty

(Puzzles, Coloring, Gluing, Table Jobs, etc.)

9:30 Circle Time

(Theme, Finger Plays, Storytime)

10:00 Wash Hands & Snack

10:30 Outdoor Walk or Park (weather permitting)

(Indoor Gross Motor Play and/or Free Choice with Sand and Water Play)

11:30 Wash Hands, Diaper Check/Potty, Prepare for Lunch & Videos or Books

11:50 Wash Hands

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Clean-up, Wash Hands, Books

1:00 Nap Time

3:00 Wake-up, Diaper Check/Potty, Wash Hands

3:15 Snack

3:30 Free Choice (see 6:30) and Departure

Individual Art Activity

The schedule is tentative depending on the interest of the children.

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